Giving half our profits to Fight for Peace


Half of LUTA’s profits go to Fight for Peace, a non-profit organisation that uses boxing and martial arts, combined with personal development and education to help realise the potential of young people affected by crime and violence.

Founded in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro in 2000, Fight for Peace was created as a response to young people whose only real future lay with the drug trafficking gangs that controlled their neighbourhoods. Replicated in London in 2007 to tackle an increase in street gang activity, Fight for Peace’s clear methodology was proven to work in two very different communities.

Today, Fight for Peace offer their Global Alumni programme that supports local groups (such as non-governmental organisations, schools, youth groups, sports clubs, youth-offender institutions) to implement Fight for Peace's five pillar methodology (boxing & martial arts combined with education, employability, youth leadership and social support services) to better serve the young people in their community.

Fight for Peace works directly with over 2,500 young people per year at its academies in Rio and London and via its Global Alumni programme has supported 27 different organisations in 20 countries. Over the next three years Fight for Peace will train and support 120 organisations across the world helping a total of 110,000 young people.


Fight for Peace logo

Fight for Peace - Rio


Luta Pela Paz (Fight for Peace) was founded in Complexo da Mare, a community divided by the city's major drug factions. From its humble origins as a small boxing club, there now stands a purpose built multi-combat sport and education academy providing young people with the opportunity for change.


Fight for Peace - London


In 2007 Fight for Peace was established in London to offer support and opportunities for young people in the inner city affected by crime and violence. Since then, over 1000 young people every year have participated in its programmes; a fact recently celebrated by Olympic gold medallists Anthony Joshua and Nicola Adams.