LUTA Laser-tech rash guard reviewed by ITF

by Luke Dowdney |  23. June 2011 05:53

High performance fight blog Into the fire has reviewed the Laser Tech Rash guard. Check out the review by clicking the link above. Alternatively see the product here


ESPN features LUTA Ambassador Daniel Sam to demonstrate muay thai

by Luke Dowdney |  13. June 2011 06:09

ESPN features LUTA Ambassador Daniel Sam to give a brief insight into the combat sport of muay thai. Super-Heavyweight six foot seven British, European Ringmasters Muay Thai Champion Daniel Sam was filmed at the LUTA launch demonstrating stand-up striking and kicking which are used when fighting muay thai.

Click here to see the video

Whilst sparring with partner Vaz, Sam trained in the LUTA speed tech-training vest. To see the vest click here


Boxing News Club of the week: Fight for Peace ABA

by Luke Dowdney |  9. June 2011 05:27

LUTA is proud to support Fight for Peace (Luta pela Paz) born in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Good to see it's London Academy doing so well, check out Boxing News this week for the below article. Well done Fight for Peace.

"The Fight for Peace initiative actually began in Brazil a decade ago in one of Rio de Janeiro's dangerous favelas or slums. In 2000 Luke Dowdney set up a programme to confront youth participation in crime, gangs and gun violence within disadvantaged communities, combining education and personal development with training and competition in boxing and martial arts.

In 2007 a Fight for Peace branch, following the same model, was set up in east London. As well as this positive social work the club still aims to be successful competitively. The club hosted its first show on May 28, at its headquarters in North Woolwich. 14 bouts were held, involving local clubs, with three Fight for Peace boxers participating - Claudio Lopes, Khalid Hakimi and Ryan Walker. All three won.

A 'LUTA' clothing brand has even started up, which shares its profits with Fight for Peace". Dennen, J. (2011) Vest Interest, Boxing News. 45



LUTA Piece of the week: Boxing Speed Vest

by Luke Dowdney |  1. June 2011 10:36

Available in red and blue, LUTA's Boxing Speed Vest is a performance garment that’s been designed for boxing gym work and competitions. Designed with boxers, the vest’s contoured airtex panels provide increased expansion across the shoulders where maximum freedom of movement for throwing punches is required during training and during competitive fights. Ultra strength, performance flatlock seams also provide added durability, making this a vest which will go the distance! Antibacterial stretch airtex panels (white) not only offer the maximum amount of freedom when wearing a vest, but they also reduce the risk of odor or skin infection. Moisture management properties in the body fabric transport sweat away from the body (wicking) to keep the wearer cooler and dryer during a heavy work out or a hard fight.

Yet due to its construction and performance fabric, the Boxing Speed Vest is also a multi-purpose vest. Polyester body fabric provides snag resistance and its super soft feel material is extremely comfortable which enables it to be worn across a wide range of sports either for training or competition. Temperature control, wicking and freedom of movement designed for boxers also benefits athletes’ performance during hard work outs or competition in any other sport.

Since LUTA's launch, it's been put to the test in both boxing competitions in London’s East End and even a marathon in the Northern-West of France!

“I really enjoyed fighting in the strip. It looked good but most importantly it allowed me to move freely and kept me cool during the bout so I could get on with the job at hand!” Claudio Lopez, 6-0, who won by majority decision at last week’s Fight for Peace Amateur Boxing Show in East London last weekend.

"Boxing vest? Well, I'm no boxer but I ran my personal best last week at the Mont Saint-Michel marathon wearing my Luta Pro vest.  A Speed Vest indeed! It stands up to any running-specific top I’ve previously used. Lightweight, breathable, ‘wickable’, all you expect. Furthermore, my experience with vests and running is that while most are ok for short trots, when you get into serious endurance training you often end up with a underarm irritation from the rubbing on the stiches. The Luta vest is obviously well cut and none of that happened, so I was pleased". Anders Falconer, marathon runner
Great to see that the boxing vest performs well during endurance challenges - our congratulations goes out to Claudio and Andres and we wish them both all the luck with their future sporting events.

Here I am in the corner with Claudio Lopez, 6-0, at the Fight for Peace Amatuer Boxingh Show last weekend.


Steve Bunce interviews LUTA founder Luke Dowdney on BBC London Thursday Boxing night live

by Luke Dowdney |  27. May 2011 12:15



by Luke Dowdney |  10. May 2011 10:46

SENI & and the later design phases.

Going to Seni 2010 was all about getting feedback from our primary market. We had an amazing response. We surveyed 350 people who came and looked at the range of clothing in its late sample stage. The feedback was very useful for informing the specifications on the final range.

We asked them what they thought was missing from the range, what they liked and what they didn’t. All in all we had an amazingly positive response. In fact, with people seeing and touching the apparel in person, we got an 84% intent to purchase.

It was also great to catch up with Royce Gracie at Seni and who hung out with us at the stand talking with other fighters, including Derek Williams, a former British, European and Commonwealth boxing champion and Tim Weatherspoon, the two time WBC world boxing champion. It was a great event and we are hoping to participate again in the future.

Interesting stats from the survey included the following:

  • Respondents liked the fact that the brand was understated and didn’t use big flashy logos, the performance quality of the fabric and material was also important.

  •  The biggest single group in the survey were MMA fighters at 66 people, closely followed by boxers (59) and BJJ (54).

  • 99% of 467 responses on the first impressions the brand created were positive with the single biggest reason being….the style and quality of the apparel (177 people).

Check out the photos below

Luta Clothing: By fighters, for fighters!



Welcome to Luta!

by Luke Dowdney |  27. April 2011 13:42

Hi everyone & welcome to the LUTA blog!

In time the blog page will feature posts from various members of the team and our LUTA ambassadors, as they invite you inside the LUTA world.

For now I'd like to share with you a little about the LUTA story, because although LUTA is a new company, it has a heritage in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro stretching back eleven years. I opened the Fight for Peace Boxing Club - Luta Pela Paz in Brazilian Portuguese - in the favela of Complexo da Mare in 2000 to offer an alternative to the gang and gun culture for young people there. Since then, the club has grown into a multi combat sport and education Academy, working with over 1000 young people in the favelas every year. We've even opened up another Fight for Peace Academy in East London and aim to grow internationally next year.

Training youth boxers in the favela taught be a lot about the trials and tribulations young people face growing up in such disadvantaged communities where drug faction members are openly armed on the streets. It taught be about the REAL STRENGTH these young champions posses to keep training and never quit or stop wanting to make something of themselves no matter the odds. In Brazillian Portuguese the word Luta means to fight, to struggle, to never give up - just like the young people who have come through the club over the years. This story is what inspired the LUTA brand.

As a coach, I also felt that there was a need out there for really high quality performance fight wear and training wear, so I teamed up with some of the best technical designers in the world from Central Saint Martins Design College in London, and, interviewing hundreds of active fighters along the way, we have produced the LUTA PRO and TRAINING WEAR ranges. Performance clothing that will aid fighters and others to get really fighting fit. Our first collection combines this technical performance apparel with a STREET WEAR range inspired by the favelas, a complete collection that really is the embodiment of the LUTA values.

Not only are we working to produce the best possible fight wear, training wear and lifestyle clothing for you, given what I've been up to over the last decade, at LUTA we're also all about supporting our young champions at Fight for Peace from day one. That means that we will share our company's distributed profits 50/50 between Fight for Peace International and our shareholders who have invested in making the brand possible.

I hope you enjoy exploring the Luta site. If you want to know more about our herritage, check out the short podcast below and don't forget you can follow us on facebook and Twitter as well!

Luke Downdey MBE

Founder & CEO Luta


Click here for an Mp3 interview with Luke!

Welcome Podcast.mp3 (8.41 mb)